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"Learn The Beauty Of Music"
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Offering Interdisciplinary Music Programs for children and adults


***Mara is a great teacher and a wonderful singer! The class is so fun and musical. Without Mara I don't know what I would do. I've improved my voice so much that I can sing anywhere I want without any problems. Mara is the BEST! - Abby Avin, Age 10 - Voice Student.

***Playing Piano is fun! - Azriel Taguiam, Age 6 - Piano Student.

***This is the best piano class ever! We learn new songs and new things. And Mara is an amazing teacher. - Ryker Taguiam, Age 9 - Piano Student.
***I love it here. It's cool and I love Mara. I like how Mara plays the piano with me. It helps me learn the best and she is very kind. This place is awesome. - Nicholas Aggelikas, Age 6 - Piano Student.
***Hello my name is Milena. I think that the Bettencourt Music Studio is an awesome place to learn music. If you don't understand something, Mara will take her time to help you. Mara is a great teacher and always loving and kind. - Milena Aggelikas, Age 8 - Guitar Student.

***Mara is very nice and helpful. She is great at helping me get through hard songs. She doesn't give me too much homework, just a little so I will be good when it is class time. My stuff is not too advanced or too easy. Totally make her your teacher! - Sophie Stozier, Age 9 - Piano Student.

***The first thing about Mara is that she teaches really easy or really hard. All you have to do is ask her for easy or hard. For example, just last week I was working really hard, and now I'm working just right. And she not only teaches piano, she also teaches guitar and singing. She is the best piano teacher ever! - Aeneas Strozier, Age 7 - Piano Student.



Benefits of Music:

Music gives us possibilities for self-expression rivaled by few forms of art and communication. It is a miraculous gift for ourselves, our children, friends, and audience. Music can heal, it can connect people, and it can provide entertainment or spiritual fulfillment for a lifetime. Not surprisingly, music changes lives. We would like to share with you just some of the many beneficial "side effects" of music study:


12 Important Skills Your Child Learns By Studying Music


  • Self-Confidence - Being able to go from learning notes and rhythms to producing meaningful music instills in your child a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, while building self-esteem.
  • Coordination - Hand, eye, body posture and thought all working together are the ingredients of playing an instrument. These coordination skills transfer to many other aspects of life.
  • Teamwork - Every child wants to be part of a group. Group performances and recitals provide just such unique opportunities.
  • Comprehension - Learning to perceive and derive meaning from musical sounds sharpens your child's ability to comprehend abstractions.
  • Problem-Solving - Learning the basics of musical language and interpreting a work through performance teaches your child the ability to understand a problem and reach an appropriate solution.
  • Discipline - Learning all of the basics of music and applying them correctly takes perception and discipline.
  • Art Appreciation - The words beauty, serenity and excitement come to life with each musical experience. These feelings help every child appreciate all forms of the arts.
  • Logical Reasoning - When your child learns to analyze a musical work from all perspectives or to improvise within a certain musical style, both inductive and deductive reasoning grows stronger.
  • Communication - Music offers the ability to cultivate our feelings and thoughts through nonverbal means and to respond to these nonverbal thoughts in others.
  • Conceptualization - Your child learns to classify by learning to identify different types and styles of music and to recognize how cultures use music for personal expression.
  • Making Value Judgments - Learning to comprehend, consider and evaluate in music can help your child make informed decisions and uphold value judgments in other aspects of life.
  • Using Symbols - Learning to read, write and interpret musical notation strengthens the use of other symbol systems such as mathematics and language.