Mara Bettencourt

Mara Bettencourt is a Singer/Songwriter, Educator and Activist. She was born and raised in an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: Terceira in the Azores, Portugal. Mara was exposed to a variety of musical styles at a very young age. Her innate musical talent, gradually blossomed, and at the age of 15, she wrote her first songs. Mara has a strong passion for languages and she writes, composes, records and performs original songs in multiple languages. She has worked and collaborated with other artists around the U.S and Portugal. Her music is described as Romantic and Inspirational with an Eclectic feel. The use of metaphors, nature sounds, different languages and spiritual connotations is very characteristic of her style. In 2010, Mara created Bettencourt Music Studio where she teaches personalized music programs. She has released 3 Cd's: Moonlight Love, Eclectic Soul, and Orige(i)ns. In 2013, she created a project called: MusiCaresforChange with her music partner Sofia Gonzalez. In 2015, Mara was invited to perform at the National Women's History Celebration in Boston. In 2017, Mara was one of the finalists of the Massachusetts Solo Artists Awards.
Mara performs solo as well as with her Quartet, and she also collaborates with many talented musicians.
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